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Words Are Words

by Steven Bates 4 April 2023

"Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well,"

Is how the famous Bard did tell,

Of a friendship once between two men

That ended more tragic than it began

I speak of Shakespeare from the past

To prove that some lines forever last

Some quotes are gold, some perfection Some deserve a predilection

Some quotes by man are just a word

Bordering on the near absurd

Written in history between the pages

While some are genius to last the ages

Some quotes are nonsense, pure plain drivel Some will last while others shrivel Some words have power to change events

While some just leave disastrous dents

Whatever the case we must remember

Words can't kill you, nor dismember

They can only damage if you allow To affect you in the here and now

So treat all words for what they are

Some lift you up like a shining star

some bring you down like a falling rock

The important thing is not take stock

Don't take to heart the words they say

When someone steals your breath away

No one can hurt you with just a mere quote

No matter the genius of what was wrote

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