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Hardest Things

Hardest Things

By Steven Bates 15 April 2024

Only two things in life are certain facts

​Death comes to all as does the tax

Said the statesman in a letter

And no one else could have said it better

Ol' Ben Franklin had a knack

For writing in an Almanac

Though the name he used was Richard Saunders

He was known for all his wits and ponders

But one thing Franklin said the best

​That stands to me above the rest

For this, the man should have been a Bard

For he spoke of three things extremely hard

The first he said was that of steel

I know for fact that statement's real

The next he said was a diamond rock

Quite hard they are, so that's no shock

The last he said of the hardest things

Is something that the truth bell rings

He said it's hard for one's self to know

And when in doubt, to this truth I go

Three things hard in life they are

Steel, a diamond, and one's self by far

So do not fret when in depths you sink

Just remember to stop and think

If it's hardest to know your own true self

Then answers aren't found on any bookshelf

You must search hard, your very soul

If knowing yourself is the one true goal

Don't give up on knowing you

Just to thine own, yourself be true

Work hard to be the one you love

And you'll be one that's well-thought-of

Be the one you're proud to be

And soon the hardest thing you'll see

Is that the steel and diamond stone

Are still the hardest man has known

But you would have taken item three

​And shown it's not as hard as he

​The man, Ben Franklin once had said

Was the hardest thing, to know one's head

You'll have joy and peace of mind

By knowing simply you might find

That Ol' Ben Franklin once was wrong

​And the hardest on his list is gone.

To know one's self is not so tough

Just getting there's a little rough

But you can do it, this I know

Ol' Ben Franklin told me so!

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