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Our goal is the free distribution of all material in our inventory to those struggling with PTSD, depression, or suicidal thoughts so that they know they are not alone in their battles.  Poets are invited to submit their material for publication in an anthology of submitted poetry to be included in the distribution of inventory.



Poemspeak was created in Dec of 2017 by Steven Bates and his wife.  Steven had once shown a few poems of suicidal nature to a friend at the local VA.  The friend asked to keep them and nothing was thought much about it.  About two months later, it was revealed to Steve that his friend had actually been contemplating suicide but something in the poems had changed his mind that very night he had intended to complete the act.  Since being informed that a poem had the power to possibly save a life, Steven, who had dreams of publishing his poems and becoming a famous poet, decided that fame was not his fate, but helping others thru his poems was.

Steven and his wife then talked long and hard about creating a nonprofit company that would eventually be able to distribute poems and words of healing and compassion to those that struggle with PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideations.  Poemspeak was granted 501(c)3 status effective 15 Feb 2018 and has sent books to as far as Afghanistan to troops stationed there.  Poemspeak is in constant search of poems that help those struggling to understand that they are not alone in their suffering, that there are resources and coping skills available, and that there are caring people available on a twenty-four hour basis that understand exactly how and what persons struggling with these situations are going through.

Our Mission

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