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Seven Days

Seven Days

by Steven Bates 1 July 2024




Seven Days are full of terror

Seven Days are full of fear

For Seven Days I'm a preparer

of being the absolute worst for wear


The Seven Days starts July the first

The seven days goes on from there

The middle day, the 4th, the worst

But every day gives me a scare


The fireworks start off to test

By random shots fired in the air

To find the ones they think the best

The ones that have the biggest flair


Till finally on the Fourth the climax

Of three days testing my despair

Though patriotic, my fear subtracts

From basking in the rocket's glare


Three days more, or so it seems

Are leftover fireworks that I swear

Are fired when their passion deems

To give me just the worst nightmare

For Seven Days my patriot soul

Shakes in fear and utters prayer

Seven days I've no parole

Always being caught unaware


So think before you random shoot

Your fireworks just everywhere

Remember veterans are quite acute

From having been in real warfare


Just the Fourth is fine by me

For then I can prepare

Fire away, go willy-nilly

For one day I can spare


To walk around with headphones on

My music on full blare

But Seven days is far too long

It just seems so unfair


Let's work together, you and I

to celebrate Independence

Just remember that Flag does fly

because veterans fought with menace


To keep this nation strong and true

so you can have the rights

to light the fireworks into the blue

and illuminate the nights

So please remember the neighborhood

Is full of veterans, old and young

It does their PTSD no good

And makes us all high-strung


One day, the Fourth, they are prepared

And also New Year's Day

But Seven Days to that compared

Is much too stress their way

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