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Young Author

Feel free to send us a request for our material to be sent free to you.  You don't have to be a sufferer yourself of PTSD or depression, order them for a friend, colleague, or caregiver of someone that suffers so they might understand more of what the struggle is all about.  



Libraries, VA's, hospitals, hospices, therapy offices, anywhere that these books might help someone we are more than happy to provide bulk orders for.  If you want to order for an institution, let us know!   Even First Sergeants of units are invited to order for their troops.  Commanders, Lt's, Chiefs, anyone that thinks someone could benefit!

Doctor and Patient


Donations to Poemspeak are accepted in every possible way to help distibute our poems. Whether it be monetary donations, poetry, books, or anything that will help us help those struggling with PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts.  We would love to be able to send our books to every deployed soldier possible, to let them know others have been there and know their struggles, hopes, and nightmares.  Help us help them.




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