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Will Anyone?

Will Anyone?

by Steven Bates 8 Jun 2022

Will Anyone read this?

Will anyone care?

Will anyone post this?

Will anyone share?

Are there any reasons

To pour out my soul,

To show the vast legions

the shattered, gaping hole?

The pit that once held

The joy of my world

Now seems to meld

With pain and loss, swirled

But the one hope I pray

Is that others may read

And know when I say

It does plant a seed.

That others are like me

and they too can survive

not only PTSD

but even with depression can thrive

It's not a death sentence

If we fight for our life

Don't pay the penance

Don't give in to the strife

Make each moment precious

Count each blessing your way

Make hope infectious

And have a GREAT DAY!

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