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Valentine's Love

Valentines’ Love

By Steven Bates

The month of lovers has arrived

That day that chocolate sales contrived

The flower business will be booming

Roses and romance start to blooming

Yet there will be the lonely souls

Who won’t quite reach romantic goals

They will sit with broken hearts

Trying hard to mend those parts

Their shattered dreams, all too real

They can’t describe the way they feel

Trust betrayed; hearts ripped open

True love seems beyond all hoping

Yet there is hope, and there is love

I swear to you, by God above

The time will come that hearts will mend

Love will come and pains will end

For every soul, there is another

To fill the void like no other

True love’s out there for each one

Of seven billion under our sun

The odds are out there, so take a chance

Open hearts to new romance

Don’t let pain from past affairs

Affect your finding one that cares

Don’t give up on love’s my point

For love, like blessings, will anoint

Your head, your heart, your very essence

Just give it time to show its’ presence

But make an effort, don’t be shy

You’ve got to work, you’ve got to try

You’ve got to kiss a frog or two

And before you know it, love finds you!

I guess my point I’m trying to say

Is don’t be sad this Valentine’s Day

If you’re alone, heck, date yourself

Enjoy life, get off that shelf

Jump on down, get in the fray

Stay positive on this lovers’ day

You’ll find love, I guarantee

Just relax, it’ll come to be

And for those that say it isn’t so

I’ll tell you just where you can go

Go to the Word, the Bible, my friend

And you’ll find love till the very end

God’s love is there for you to find

Regardless of any other kind

His love is pure, His love is true

Thus my Valentines’ day gift to you.

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