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Valentine's Day Is Done

Valentine’s Day is Done

By Steven Bates 15 February 2023

The Day of Love has now gone by

Some marked the day with hue and cry

Shouting to God “Why must it be,

That I remain so darn lonely?”

I say this to those in tears

And not to play on any fears

Perhaps your time is not right now

But I promise God will show you how

To live your life with loving heart

And still be single, yet be a part

Of something great and beautiful

To give life purpose, life to fulfill.

Hear me out, love’s still out there

And soon you’ll find a love to share

But till that happens, have some faith

That God will be there, (so He sayeth!)

He’s there for you, just let Him in

It doesn’t matter where or when

His love can fill your lonely soul

Ease your burden, make you whole

So, if this Valentine’s let you down

Gave you blues and made you frown

Caused you sadness, made you grieve

Remember God’s Love will never leave

His love is there, no matter what.

To heal your wounds, your deepest cut

He’s there to comfort, aid, and bless

His love’s forever, it stands the test

So, don’t be sad if you are alone

Reach out to others, pick up the phone

Reach out to God, a friend or peer

And be amazed at the love that’s near

We’re out there for you, God and friends

With you till your journey ends

Endless Love that knows no bound

Not just when the Day of love comes round.

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