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By Steven Bates 13 March 2023

Perhaps the hardest thing for us,

Victims of assaults, betrayals,

Is finding loved ones we can trust,

When our emotions are unstable.

Letting go, and giving in,

To let one deep inside,

Seems to us a mortal sin.

One we can’t abide.

But every now and then there’s one,

Who comes within our lives.

A father, mother, brother, son,

Daughter, sister, husbands, wives.

That one we learn we can depend,

But yet, it’s still uncertain,

Every day we must pretend,

That they’re allowed behind the curtain.

Trust is slowly built on time,

On actions tried and true.

But trust, true trust, is so sublime,

It creates a better you.

So find someone whom you can call,

First a friend, then more.

And eventually you’ll that all,

The trust will outright pour.

It’s not as easy as it sounds,

For trust’s a two-way street.

That doesn’t always make its rounds,

From everyone you meet.

And it takes work, don’t get me wrong,

It doesn’t happen overnight,

It’s not like Hollywood or song.

You’ve got to work to make it right.

You must allow yourself to feel,

Open to the pain.

Open up from head to heel,

Your heart has much to gain.

Allow a chance to feel and hurt,

And you may be surprised.

Emotions that once felt inert,

May sudden be realized.

Trust may come, and trust may go.

It’s a lesson hard to take,

But you’ve got to trust to make it so,

For trust is what you make.

So, in the end, I say to you,

Give trust a chance to bloom,

Remember to thine self be true,

But let trust come in the room!

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