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Trauma Not Drama

Trauma Not Drama

By Steven Bates 1 Feb 2024



The damage done was so severe

From things I've seen and heard

In my mind the images sear

​And emotions violent stirred


Some say that I'm just acting out

Complaining with all the drama

But I'm here to say what it's about

​And it's damage caused by trauma


There is a difference of the two

For Trauma makes its mark

It takes its toll and works on you

Creating monsters in the dark


Drama is just a word from those 

Whom fail to understand

That trauma to its' "mark" bestows

So many symptoms so unplanned


It rips away all sense of calm

Filling void with anxious thought

It aches your being, from soles to palm

And makes you feel distraught


Withdrawal, betrayal, fear and pain

Depression, angst, and worry

All from trauma are things you'll gain

And that's when things get blurry


So be aware when trauma hits

The effects are none too pleasant

Whereas with drama, it only pits

Those living in the present


Trauma though will take the past

Rip it through the here and now

Make the damage long and last

​However much you allow


The trick then is to tame the beast

to beat the trauma down

Unlike drama, to say the least

Trauma is more than just a frown


Trauma itself is more than a wound

It's more than just a scar

It's mind and soul and flesh impugned

​That really sets the bar 


But I'm here to say it can be healed

Managed, cured, and dressed

Packed away, boxed, and sealed

Put away, filed, and processed


There are options, there is hope

There are methods to be fair

Know you're strong and you can cope

And people out there care


So keep the faith, and keep in mind

That though trauma gets a grip

You can get thru this traumatic bind

And all the drama skip

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