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The Tide

The Tide By Steven Bates 3 Sept 2023

When I swim against the tide

Against the current flow

It seems I'm just there for the ride

No progress do I show

So I fight, I stroke, I kick my feet

Against the river strong

Determined that I won't be beat

For the river's flowing wrong!

Do I give up and float on down And let the river take me?

Or do I keep on and fight this round To win eventually?

I can't give up, I can't deny

My will to go upstream

So fight I will, and forever try

To continue with my dream

I'll swim with hope till I expire

I'll go until I can't

I'll go till every part's on fire

And then give up? I shan't!

Hope will keep me trying on

to reach my destination

My hope will keep, it's never gone

It's truly my salvation

We can't give up for just because

We're going against the stream

We've got to fight for no applause

We need no cheering team

We fight to go the way we need

Because the path is true

Not the way of public creed

Your values they'll undo

So go the path that's right and just

Against the flow of man

The river's strong, but fight you must

For God has you in His plan

Keep Hope alive and fight my friend

Against the evil streams

You'll find peace at journey's end

Beyond your wildest dreams

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