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The Flight


by Steven Bates 5 Aug 2023

Fighters on wingtips left and right

Never letting our aircraft leave from their sight

Crossing an ocean deep, dark, and blue

Into unknown dangers we nervously flew

Young men, old men, and some middle age

For oh so many, the first war they would wage

Nervous and tense, preparing for battle

In case the saber does more than rattle

Years from then the fighting has passed

But yet the fears and pains still linger and last

Anger, hardships, plus long nightly sweats

Still always perceiving for viable threats

33 years since that arduous flight

And to this day I remember the night

Refueling in air the planes for protection

In case any hostilities came our direction

Landing in heat so oppressive it hurt

Then scrambling to safety amid all the dirt

As far as the eye saw was nothing but sand

And King Khalid Airport where we had to land

Thirty-three years since Aug of 90

When off we flew into a danger zone blindly

And to this day and even this year

Around this time, I still face a fear

I still feel the panic, the nervousness too

Even the wonder of what I might do

Yes, the anniversary is here of when off I flew

The struggle is real, I tell you, that's true

So how do you deal with a date in your mind

That always takes you to places you find

You don't to visit, you don't want to go

You don't want to remember, you don't to know

First thing is first, stay away from the drink

For into depression is where you will sink

Stay away from the drugs, and mind-altering stuff

It'll just add more trauma, you've been through enough

Find you a therapist, a friend, peer support

A Brother-in-arms, a spouse, or cohort

Someone to talk to, one that will hear

One that will listen with an open mind and an ear

Don't spend your anniversary alone anymore

Just like I won't be for year thirty-four

I've got you friend, and you have me too

If you need to call, I'm here for you

Anniversaries are hard, believe me, I know

But think of what's happened, what you have to show

Yes, you have scars, emotional, and flesh

but remember it's past, the wound isn't fresh

So face all those memories with strength and conviction

Remember the past is not an affliction

The past is the past, the date just a time

And now you are past it, NOW is your PRIME

NOW is your Life, NOW's where you're at

NOW is what matters and that is, just that!

NOW is for healing, NOW you are you

NOW is the time .....NOW go make it new!

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