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So Much

So Much

by Steven Bates 15 March 2024

So much has happened, in just one short life 

So much has happened, both blessings and strife

So much has happened, it has all made its mark 

So much has happened, it'll just take a spark

So much could happen, there's nothing to scoff

So much could happen, should I be set off

So much could happen, if I lost control

So much could happen, for I've paid the toll

So much should happen, to help me find peace

So much should happen, for my troubles to cease

So much should happen, in therapy and care

So much should happen, but life isn't fair

So much won't happen, I won't lose my mind

So much won't happen, I won't fall behind

So much won't happen, for I have learned well

So much won't happen, and I'm here to tell

So much will happen, I'll continue my meds

So much will happen, as my wellness spreads

So much will happen, I'm not giving in!

So much will happen, I have power within! 

So much to live for, so I will press on

So much to live for, my worries begone

So much to live for, and I state this as fact

There's so much to live for, don't get sidetracked!

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