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April Fools

April Fools

By Steven Bates 27 March 2024



Tis the day of April Fools

When jokes and pranks are played in schools

When tricks and teases rule the day 

And all the jesters come out to play


But what of those, the targets of such

Malicious mischief are maligned so much

How do these, the subjects, feel

When attacked with such a fervent zeal?


Do those who suffer at the hand 

Of joy buzzers take a stand?

​What of those whom some malign

By taping on backs, the "Kick me" sign?


To those, whom others ridicule

​and are victimized by "April Fool!"

I say this, I too, was prey

​To many others on this day


But I learned prayer, the power of grace

And though once shamed, I show my face

I stand proud, recovered fully

from being brunt of every bully


Though my pride, once devastated

Now is fully reinstated

I no longer fear the April 1st

Come on world and try your worst


Nothing in your mocking way 

Can ever hurt nor take away 

The Love from God I have inside

I've learned to take attacks in stride


To turn the cheek and laugh it off

​Is how I've learned when others scoff

I've learned that I should try my best

When they attack and joke and jest


I've learned they are the lesser one

Those that poke and prod for fun

Those that use the calendar date

As an excuse to agitate


So I'll kick back and let them prank

Have their laughs, pull my crank

What they don't know is they're the Fool

​Cause to hurt another is just plain cruel


If you ask me, it's a matter of fact

It shows no mercy, compassion, tact

Those that prank and play their gags

Well, let's just call them scallywags


Those poor souls must pick on us

And I believe it's rather sus

That we should have a day aside

​For fools like them to mock, deride


To prank on people innocent

Without approval or consent

​So here's my suggestion for April 2

​Let's make a day called "Back at You"


​So all the pranksters on April one

Can have their day of poking fun

But April 2 is when they pay

For all the sins the previous day


Perhaps with possible consequences 

These scallywags will come to senses

And finally stop this evil trend 

and April Fools will come to end 


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