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Loved Ones

Loved Ones

By Steven Bates 15 Feb 2024

There are things in life I can't control

Like icons passed who've touched my soul

Singers, actors, leaders too

All too soon their time was through

And though my heart and soul may weep

And tears may fill the rivers deep

The loss cannot compare I fear

To pain of losing those held dear

For when icons, stars, and idols all

Face their final curtain call

The pain is real, don't get me wrong

But it pales to those whom I love strong

For when my mother passed away

It hurt me then and to this day

And should my children or my wife

Ever lose their precious life

I know the pain would hurt me more 

Than losing stars I may adore

For them I love with all my heart

​And always have right from the start

Icons, stars, though they take me 

To other places of fantasy

I know the realness of my love 

Is grounded by His Grace above

​The ones I love are His kind gift

​So through my life they often drift

As wonders made that never cease

To fill my life with joy and peace

And though a star might take my breath

I can push on right past their death    

But should my loved ones pass on by

It will be hard but I must try

For once I know they're looking down

Next to He who wore the Crown

I can go on strong and brave 

Knowing Christ their life did save

So shed a tear when a star has fell

But let me please I beg to tell

​Hold those dear you love the most

And pray they know the Holy Ghost.

For they are a gift in life from God

​And every step on Earth they trod

Beside you, near you, treasure each 

For one day they may be out of reach

Hold them in your heart each day

Remember love from God will stay

It won't leave though bodies die

For Real love comes from Him on High

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