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Life's Not UNO!

Life is not an UNO game

By Steven W. Bates 1 August 2022

Here I sit with pen in hand

With nary a thought, nary a strand

Of how I can bring peace to you

When a simple task I cannot do

Then it hits me what I’ve done

When writing my problem in a way that’s fun

I’ve shown that even when Life is hard

No matter the hand I can find a card

To play against when Uno’s called

Instead of sitting dejected, appalled

Reverse, the order, skip a turn

So from the deck Life has to burn

Another card to keep on playing

So in this game of Life I’m staying

And when Life hits me with Draw Four

It’s just another Open Door

To have more ways to respond to Life

When it hits me with all types of strife

Draw Two, Wild Cards, just more ways

To brighten my future, change my days

For I’ve learned it’s how you see the threat

That determines if you shine or sweat

For Life’s not UNO, no, it’s WAR

And there’s so much worth you fighting for

So keep the Faith, no matter the hand

Keep on Living friend, take that Stand!!

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