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Last Words

Last Words

By Steven Bates 15 September 2023

Last Words are famous for many an instance

Like “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance”

Spoken by Union General Johnathan Sedgewick

Before a bullet felled him in battle so thick

And Lou Costello of “Bud and Lou” fame

His last words are famous not for reasons the same

He spoke ever loving of the last thing he ate

“That’s the best ice cream I ever tasted” he lovingly spate

A great Nathan Hale, a patriot spy

Gave stirring last words ‘fore they hung him to die

“I regret that I have but one life to lose”

Said Mr. Hale ‘fore they tightened the noose

Three words were spoken by Ceasar Augustus

When in shock and surprise he muttered “Et tu, Brutus?”

And General Custer was rumored to have said when he fell

His very last words were in battle of “Oh Hell!”

So unless you want history to remind your last word

Say nothing crazy, unusual, absurd

Always speak gentle, be courteous, be kind

Last words are something you can never rewind

Make sure that leave each person you meet

With last words they’ll remember, but it’s no easy feat

Be kind, be loving, be filled with God’s cheer

And the Last Words you speak will be always held dear.

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