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By Steven Bates 30 December 2022

Instead of making resolutions,

For the start of this new year,

Look back at all the solutions,

That brought you to this here.

What kept you going in the past,

And through your problems plow?

What kept you strong and made you last,

And got you to the now?

What part of you kept you alive,

Throughout year twenty-two?

What made you want to strive,

To do the things you do?

What was the secret of your success?

What made you who you are?

What brought out your very best?

What made you the star?

Take what you learned, and what you know,

Into this coming year.

Use it wisely, to help you grow,

Stay safe and have no fear.

Don’t let worry get you down,

You’ve made it through such Hell.

Start the year without a frown,

You have so much to tell.

You have so much to teach the world,

How you survived your life,

From everything that was hurled,

From angst, and stress, and strife.

Take everything that made you strong,

And start year Twenty-three,

Taking all from what went wrong,

And be the best that you can be.

Start this year on January first,

With all the best you’ve learned.

You’ve had your Hell, you’ve lived the worst,

It’s time for the good life you’ve earned.

So, smile with me and toast the ball

And as it rises high

Start the year vowing not to fall

Take what you learned and FLY!!

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