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I've Been There

I've Been There

By Steven Bates 15 Jan 2024

Fifteen days into the year

The deadline for my blog draws near

I need to write to share with all

The reasons that I have this call

I tried to take my life before

not once, not twice, not thrice, but more

And so I know the pain is real

When depression hits and how you feel

I know the sense of feeling lost

When one feels that they have paid the cost

I know the hopelessness and doubt

Having no clue what life's about 

I know because I have been there

Homeless, helpless, with no one to care

I've felt the darkness grip my soul 

And fought my way out of that hole

I've laid in beds with straps and ties

In padded rooms that muffle cries

I've laid fetal on the floor

Pulled my hair, and screamed, "No more"

I've done this all to share with you

You can survive, you can pull through

You can make it, this I trust

I know you can, I know you must

For though you might feel all alone

Pick up that cell and dial that phone

Call a helpline, call 988

Call a friend, just please don't wait

Call on me, for I do care

I truly do, for I've been there

Just don't give up, don't let go

There's so much more of Life to grow

Call me friend, both day and night

My phone is on, and so's my light

If you can't reach me, first try out

Keep on calling, stay the route

For I will be here if you need

Just don't give up and do the deed

Don't give up as I have done

For I was just a lucky one

My attempts were failures, thanks to God

It's from Him I'm here, I'll give the nod

I've tempted fate to tell you friend,

I'm here for you, till the very end

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