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Destiny is for Imagination

Destiny is for Imagination

By Steven Bates 14 April 2023

Oh, the myriad of trials

The hopes, the dreams, the denials

Some successes, some not so

All determine how life must go

Is it Fate or Destiny.

That forces how it is to be?

Is it the work we put into it.

That decide just how we do get through it?

Is it all the other guy,

Not matter how hard ourselves we try,

That always bound to get ahead,

Because of fate or who he wed?

I say no, it cannot be

Our future is up to you and me

And though outside persons play a part

They’ll never take my soul, my heart

I’ll give my all, I’ll give my best

Give no quarter, take no rest

My tears will fall when days are bad

But I’ll give it all, the best I had

I’ll stand with pride when day is done

To know with Fate the battle I won

And Destiny is for imagination

And my hard work is my salvation.

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