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Depths of Depression

Depths of Depression

by Steven Bates 1 July 2023

Depths of Depression Darkness, sadness, angst, it lingers

While I absent-minded chew my fingers

My nails are gone, my cuticles bleed

In apparent signs there is a need

Unfulfilled, and unrequited

Feeling lonely and unexcited

Depression lurks but very subtle

No obvious signs I can rebuttal

Am I needing adjustment meds,

Before the depths of all this spreads?

Or is it just an easy fix

Snap my fingers, just say "nix"

I've tried that route, can't say it worked

For soon my life and loves I'd shirked

Therapy could also aid

If it wasn't already overplayed

So what's my solution? I don't choose death

I'll fight this sadness till my last breath

Friends and family don't understand

But I've got to give them all a hand

In helping me, in my support

To aid in this depression's thwart

Meds, and therapy, and friends

Peer support, and all my kins

Working, helping, all together

To survive this stormy, grayish weather

And till depression takes a respite

I'll just keep band-aids on my digit

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