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Depression Hits

Depression Hits

By Steven Bates 15 July 2023

Depression hits so hard at times

Like an assault and battery

I feel as a victim of the crimes

That attacks so deep and dastardly

It hits with force so overpowering

I can't get out of bed

As if a demon's on me, towering

A thing I fear and dread

To rise from bed would take such strength

That depression strips away

I cannot rise no matter the length

Of rest I get each day

No strength for showers, combing hair

Brushing teeth or dressing

It's truly as if my brain can't care

About the life it's messing

But wait, there's hope, I cannot lie

Depression will not last

I took my meds, and Life, I'll try

Thank goodness that has passed

Doctor's care and therapy

Peer support and friend

Helplines, and my family

The resources never end

So don't give up when downers hit

Be patient and forgiving

If only out of bed you'll get

You'll find that life's worth living

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