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Death's Door

Death's Door

Even when I'm at Death's Door

When you call, I'll hit the floor

I'll come running when you need aid

That's a promise that I've made

I'm here for you, no matter what

It's a lesson that I was taught

To be a friend, a fellow peer

Always here to lend an ear

Always there to lend a hand

Cause that's how Brothers and Sisters band

Together forever, I swore an oath

To never shirk, to never loaf

To be there for you in time of need

It's my promise, it's my creed

I'm here for you, when you need me

Even Death cannot let be

The simple fact that I'm your friend

To always be here to the end

Whether my life is forfeit too

I'll give my all to offer you

The help I can, till my dying day

I'm here my friend, just a word you say

And Death for me will have to wait

Till your troubles we can make abate

So at Death's Door I make this vow

I will come some way, somehow

I make that promise, so mark my word

When you're in need, you will be heard

Death's Door opens and waits for all

But Death's Door closes when you call

I'll slam it shut if I can say

I helped you live another day.

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