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Darkness Cure

Darkness Cure

By Steven Bates 1 Oct 2023

Sadness, Darkness

Pure old Despair

Facing the Harshness

I really don't care

Looking for quiet

For peace at long last

Thinking I'd "buy it"

So the pain would be past

Can't find the hope

Can't find the need

To grab on the rope

And not do the deed

But as Darkness falls

And all hope is lost

A small voice calls

saying "I've paid this cost"

"I'll take your anguish

I'll take your pain

You'll no longer languish

Where tears fall like rain"

"I'll reach out my hand,

Take it and know

And please understand

I'll never go"

"I'm here for you

Always my friend,"

And that's when I knew

My life wouldn't end

My God made it right

When no one else would

And showed me the Light

Like no one else could

The shadow's still there

But God walks with me

And I've nothing to fear

For it's His light I see

So when Darkness descends

And you consider the "deed"

Consider Him, friends

Of this, I plead

He'll mend your heart

Ease your mind too

Give you the start

To make you anew

So promise me, please,

Do as I've done

Put your mind at ease

When you reach for the SON!

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