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Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

By Steven Bates 14 June 2023

Damaged goods they called me once

Broken down, a proper dunce

Far from me to argue back

From any insult, curse, attack

My ego was so far below

The depths of which I didn’t know

My pain was real, my hurt intense

My life just didn’t make any sense

Why did I suffer, why was I hurt?

Why did I feel worth so less than dirt?

Why, I wonder, did I proceed

To consider to do the final deed?

Alas, I did, and tried as well

I didn’t care if I arrived in Hell

For Hell to me was living here

I didn’t worry, I didn’t care

But lo, my efforts were in vain

My life was saved by His own deign

He kept me living for me to find

Life’s worth living in soul and mind

He brought me peace to tortured soul

Filled the cracks and made me whole

He showed me love and comfort too

And He can do the same for you.

So do not fret my damaged friend

He’ll be with you to the very end

Don’t give up, like I had tried

For I’d not known peace had I truly died

For now, my soul is Heaven bound

But not till fate has come around

I’ll stay alive till Heaven calls

And pray no harm to you befalls.

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