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Bilateral Stimulation

Bilateral Stimulation

By Steven Bates 15 November 2023

When filled with angst or trepidation

Here’s a thing for contemplation

Not too fraught with complication

Try bilateral stimulation

When looking for things to help you free

Your mind from stress, anxiety

It’s really simple as can be

Easy as a one, two, three

Just tap your fingers to your chest

Make like drums, give it your best

When fingers tire, give them a rest

And move your feet to your behest

Rotate your ankles to and fro

In opposite directions, make them go

That’s really all there is to know

Just move your body, head to toe

You’ll find your mind will be distracted

By all this movement you’ve enacted

Your angst and worry will be impacted

Your troubles will even be redacted

Just try this simple trick at home

No need to travel, no need to roam

Find what’s best when you’re alone

And angst will end just like this poem!

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