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Another Icon's Gone

Another Icon's Gone

by Steven Bates 01 May 2022

An icon passed away today,

Cause of death, news didn't say

"Mental Illness Disease" was only what's said

No matter the reason, an icon is dead

It's proof depression hits us, each one and all

So many affected, young, old, rich, poor, short, tall

Ending their journey in this thing called life

With any tool handy, be it pill, gun, or knife

Depression robs our loved ones' their souls

Creating an absence, a void, dark holes

They don't realize they still are much loved

By the very ones that they've farthest shoved

It's hard for depressions' mind to reach out

As it's filled with such shame, pain, darkness, doubt

Believing the lie that hope, purpose is gone

Struggling all night and abhorring the dawn

But in darkness a smile lets them know that you care

And can move even the greatest mountains of despair

A simple small gesture like shaking a hand

Is a way to reach out, try to help if you can

A call, a text, or even email

Can lift off the darkness of depressions' own veil

Lift up the saddened, open the curtain

Help shatter the burden, this much is certain

Together we can work to confront sad depression

Help heal negative thoughts of those in regression

Joining together, We can all work and strive

To ensure that we all Stay Safe, Strong, and Alive.

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