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All Saints Day

All Saint’s Day

By Steven Bates 1 Nov 2023

Today’s the day the Saints arrive

To save the souls of all alive

To rid the land of ghosts and ghouls

To prove again that righteous rules

All Saints Day is what it’s called

When calmness after streets are mauled

By haunting creatures, spirits, dead

Wreaking havoc as they spread.

Yes, Halloween is just one night

Full of monsters there to fright

But All Saint’s Day shines on the first

To prove goods’ power o’er the worst

The Saints are here to rid the streets

Of monsters we mock with tricks or treats

And the creatures all an allegory

For the wonders of a bedtime story

So keep the Saints in prayers and thought

For all the battles that they’ve fought

To keep you safe the whole year round

Till skeletons break thru the ground

Then for one night we may have fear

To tell us that the coming year

The Saints remind good will prevail

No matter what the nights’ entail

So celebrate this day of Saints

That rid the world of foul that taints

The one night we call Halloween

The favorite night of every teen

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