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A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts

By Steven Bates 1 March 2023

“A penny for your thoughts”,

So often has been asked,

But it ties them up in knots,

When taken to the task.

Do they really want to know,

What’s really on your mind?

Or is the question just for show,

And answers put them in a bind?

To this I say, “I’ll ask you now”

And “Anytime my friend”,

I want to know what’s behind the brow

What concerns you to no end?

Tell me if you’re feeling blue

Tell me when you’re sad

To thine self, I beg be true

For it will not make me mad

I want to help, I’m here for you

No matter how you feel

I want to help, if you only knew

How much it’ll help you heal

Just say the word, give me a call

I’m here if you should need

Here’s the penny, give me your all

I’m your friend in word and deed!

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